Tree Label Custom Designs

In this section you will find our custom designs made using Nook Phone’s Custom Design Pro Editor to mark different trees found in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsfruit tree labels, money tree labels and other trees.

We first decided to craft our own fruit tree labels because the ones we found online just didn't look quite right to us — they were too big, too simple or outdated (custom designs from the New Leaf game for example). So we created our own, up to our standards. We carefully designed them to match as closely as possible the inventory icons from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Then we felt the need for more labels, then some other designs, so we continued on and decided to share them hoping you'd find them useful too.

Access all our designs for free from the Custom Design Kiosk located in the Able Sisters fashion shop! Our Creator ID is: MA-0731-4958-3292.

Or find here below individual Design ID codes for each custom design.

ACNH fruit tree labels

Use fruit tree labels to identify one tree from another when they bear no fruit!

Whenever you know for sure what kind of tree is in front of you (because it has fruits or because you just planted it), open "Custom Designs" on Nook's Phone, choose the appropriate design and select "Display on Ground". From that point on, you'll always be able to tell what kind of tree it is, even after you picked its fruits.

This not only applies for apple, cherry, orange, peach, pear and coconut trees (although the last are recognizable on their own), but also for money trees!

To erase a design on the ground, wipe it off with your feet by standing next to it and pressing "Y" on the Nintendo Switch.

Apple tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Apple Tree Label Image)
(Apple Tree Label Design Code Image)
Cherry tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Cherry Tree Label Image)
(Cherry Tree Label Design Code Image)
Orange tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Orange Tree Label Image)
(Orange Tree Label Design Code Image)
Peach tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Peach Tree Label Image)
(Peach Tree Label Design Code Image)
Pear tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Pear Tree Label Image)
(Apple Tree Label Design Code Image)
Coconut tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Coconut Tree Label Image)
(Coconut Tree Label Design Code Image)

ACNH money tree labels

Display a bag of bells on the ground just after burying money in a glowing spot to remember that the nursery tree growing there is a money tree (you wouldn't want to chop it down by accident)!

You can even differentiate money trees between themselves by displaying different sizes of money bags: A small bag if you buried 1000 to 29000 bells, the medium bag from 30000 to 59000 bells, and the large bag of bells from 60000 to 99000 bells (which is the maximum amount a bag can hold — the wallet itself can hold up to 99999 bells without adding money bags to your inventory).

Small money tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Small Money Tree Label Image)
(Small Bag of Bells Custom Design Code Image)
Medium money tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Medium Money Tree Label Image)
(Medium Bag of Bells Custom Design Code Image)
Big money tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Big Money Tree Label Image)
(Big Bag of Bells Custom Design Code Image)

ACNH other trees labels

  • NEW! Identify hardwood trees with a cherry-blossom petal icon—cherry blossoms don't drop from fruit, money or cedar trees, only from hardwood trees.

  • Label trees you're not sure about with a question mark! Watch them for a few days, and if nothing happens you'll know they're hardwood trees (then, all you'll have to do is to replace their label). This is the same question mark that is usually shown above the head of any character in the ACNH game when talking: Villagers, Blathers, Leif, Dodo staff, etc., and even your own during the "Curiosity" reaction.

Hardwood tree label Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Hardwood Tree Label Image)
(Cherry-Blossom Petal Custom Design Code Image)
Question mark Design ID:


(Animal Crossing NH Unknown Tree Label Image)
(Question Mark Custom Design Code Image)