Catch Quotes & Screenshots

Immediately after catching a bug, a fish or a sea creature (or even a manila clam, a stone, some trash or Wisp spirit pieces) in the Animal Crossing series, your character in the game shows off the catch by holding it up and cries out, in a speech bubble, the name of the item plus a little sentence — a wordplay, rhyme or smart comment pertinent to its name.

ACNH quote format

The format of the fish, bug, sea creatures and other items catch quotes follows this exact pattern (not only in New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch, but in Animal Crossing for the Nintendo GameCube and in Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf as well):

I [action verb] a/an [item name]!
[Sentence with a pun]

  • The action verb used most often, for fish, bugs and other items, is caught (“I caught a...”).
  • The one for sea creatures and manila clams is got (“I got a...”).
  • For a few other items and critters, the action verb is: found (“I found a pearl!,” “I found a cicada shell,” “I found a bell cricket!”).

Check the full quotes here below for real examples!

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ACNH quotes images

See how each item looks like and discover all catch quotes with the screenshots of all catchable fish, bugs, sea creatures, shells, minerals and various other items, listed in alphabetical order.

Did you know? Some items prompt more than one catch quote! They alternate depending on the weather or randomly:

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I got an abalone! Why do I want a sandwich now?

Acorn barnacle

I got an acorn barnacle! Will it grow into an oak barnacle?

Agrias butterfly

I caught an agrias butterfly! I wonder if it finds me disagrias-able?


I caught an anchovy! Stay away from my pizza!


I caught an angelfish! That other fish told me to do it!


I caught an ant! TELL ME WHERE THE QUEEN IS!


I caught an arapaima! How did it get here? Arapaiknow!


I caught an arowana! I'd make a joke, but I don't 'wana.

Atlas moth

I caught an Atlas moth! I bet it never gets lost!


I caught a bagworm! Guess I'm a bragworm!

Banded dragonfly

I did it! Did you see that? I caught a banded dragonfly!

Barred knifejaw

I caught a barred knifejaw! They must have a hard time eating!

Bell cricket

I found a bell cricket! It would make a great bellhop!


I caught a betta! I betta not drop it!

Black bass

I caught a black bass! The most metal of all fish!


I caught a bluegill! Do you think it calls me "pinklung"?

Blue marlin

I caught a blue marlin! Listen to this fish. It's got a point.

Blue weevil beetle

I caught a blue weevil beetle! It's the lesser of blue weevils!


I caught a boot! It, uh, wasn't made for swimming.

Brown cicada

I caught a brown cicada! Now it probably feels blue, cicada.

Butterfly fish

I caught a butterfly fish! Did it change from a caterpillar fish?


I caught a carp! If I catch another they can carpool!


I caught a catfish! I'm more of a dogfish person...


I caught a centipede! 99 more and I'll have a dollarpede!

Chambered nautilus

I got a chambered nautilus! Is it on the naughty list?


I caught a char! Now I'm gonna sit on it!

Cherry salmon

I caught a cherry salmon! It's the perfect topper for a marlin sundae!

Cicada shell

I found a cicada shell! I'm glad the little guy came out of it!

Citrus long-horned beetle

I caught a citrus long-horned beetle! Orange you happy for me?

Clown fish

I caught a clown fish! How many can fit in a carfish?


Blast from the past! I caught a coelacanth! Think positive! Be a coela-CAN!

Common bluebottle

I caught a common bluebottle! I'll put it in a rare green jar!

Common butterfly

I caught a common butterfly! They often flutter by!


I caught a crawfish! Or else it's a lobster, and I'm a giant!


I caught a cricket! What a chirp thrill!

Crucian carp

I caught a crucian carp! My skills are sharp!

Cyclommatus stag

I caught a cyclommatus stag! Those mandibles are a mouthful!


I caught a dab! Not bad!


I caught a dace! Hope I have some space!

Darner dragonfly

I caught a darner dragonfly! It better watch its mouth!

Diving beetle

I caught a diving beetle! Now I'm making a splash!


I caught a dorado! ♪I say "dorado," you say "doraydo."♪

Drone beetle

I caught a drone beetle! Shouldn't you have more propellers?

Earth-boring dung beetle

I caught an earth-boring dung beetle! It's not boring at all!

Empty can

I caught an empty can! Aren't you supposed to catch the fish before you can it?

Evening cicada (v1)

I caught an evening cicada! Better than an odding cicada...

Evening cicada (v2)

I caught an evening cicada! This time it's WETTER than an odding cicada.


I caught a firefly! I'm on fire now!


I got a flatworm! Guess it forgot its spareworm.


I caught a flea! The curse is lifted.


I caught a fly! I was just wingin' it...

Football fish

I caught a football fish! Some countries call it a soccer fish!

Freshwater goby

I caught a freshwater goby! Time to go bye-bye!


I caught a frog! Or it's a new neighbor...and I have some apologizing to do.


I caught a gar! Yar! It's a gar! Har har!

Gazami crab

I got a gazami crab! What a gripping find!

Giant cicada (v1)

I caught a giant cicada! I guess it's PRETTY big...

Giant cicada (v2)

I caught a giant cicada! Guess it doesn't feel like singing in the rain!

Giant isopod

I got a giant isopod! It's the crustodian of the sea.

Giant snakehead

I caught a giant snakehead! Um...but I asked for a medium?

Giant stag

I caught a giant stag! I'm gonna need way bigger pockets...

Giant water bug

I caught a giant water bug! It should've stayed in the water!

Gigas giant clam

I got a gigas giant clam! It's kind of a big deal.

Giraffe stag

I caught a giraffe stag! Does that make it a longhorn?

Golden trout

I caught a golden trout! But the real treasure? Friendship.


I caught a goldfish! It's worth its weight in fish!

Goliath beetle

I caught a goliath beetle! Am I a legend or what?


I caught a grasshopper! They're a grass act!

Great purple emperor

I caught a great purple emperor! Its purple reign is over now!

Great white shark

I caught a great white shark! Watch out for its jaws!


I caught a guppy! Welcome to the team, newbie!

Hammerhead shark

I caught a hammerhead shark! I hit the nail on the head!

Hermit crab

I caught a hermit crab! I think it wanted to be left alone!


I caught a honeybee! Ah, sweet success!

Horned atlas

I caught a horned atlas! I didn't even need a map!

Horned dynastid

I caught a horned dynastid! I'd hate to hear it honk that schnoz!

Horned elephant

I caught a horned elephant! I think it's too small to ride...

Horned hercules

I caught a horned hercules! Guess I was stronger

Horse mackerel

I caught a horse mackerel! Of course,

Horseshoe crab

I got a horseshoe crab! I hope it's lucky!

Jewel beetle

I caught a jewel beetle! It's a real gem!


I caught a killifish! The streams are safe again.

King salmon

WOO-HOO! I caught a king salmon! Checkmate!


I caught a koi! I don't know why it's so shy...or such a bad speller...


I caught a ladybug! Sorry to disturb you, ma'am.


I caught a loach! It's...looking at me with reproach.

Long locust

I caught a long locust! Or, as I call it, a looooocust.

Madagascan sunset moth

I caught a Madagascan sunset moth! Wow, you're not from around here!


I caught a mahi-mahi! It's all mahine-mahine.

Man-faced stink bug

I caught a man-faced stink bug! Reminds me of my uncle!

Manila clam

I got a manila clam! Manila is my favorite flavor of clam!


I caught a mantis! Man, 'tis so cool!

Mantis shrimp

I got a mantis shrimp! Shrimply amazing!

Migratory locust

I caught a migratory locust! Things just went south for this guy!

Mitten crab

I caught a mitten crab! One more and I'm ready for winter!

Miyama stag

I caught a miyama stag! Its mandibles are jaw-dropping!

Monarch butterfly

I caught a monarch butterfly! Guess the butterflies are a democracy now!

Moon jellyfish

I got a moon jellyfish! Now to find a sun peanutbutterfish.

Moray eel

I caught a moray eel! When you're in love, that's a moray!


I caught a mosquito! It's itching for a fight!


I got a mussel! It's been working out.


I caught a Napoleonfish! It's not as big as it thinks!

Neon tetra

I caught a neon tetra! Wasn't hard to track.

Nibble fish

I caught a nibble fish! Come to think of it, I could use a bite!


I caught an oarfish! I hope I catch morefish!

Ocean sunfish

I caught an ocean sunfish! Good thing I'm wearing ocean sunscreen!


I got an octopus! It can give four hugs at once!

Old tire

I caught an old tire! I sure am tired of that!

Olive flounder

I caught an olive flounder! That's not the pits!

Orchid mantis

I caught an orchid mantis! Our friendship is blooming!


I got an oyster! It's a little shellfish.

Pale chub

I caught a pale chub! That name seems a bit judgy...

Paper kite butterfly

I caught a paper kite butterfly! Do I read it, fly it, or spread it on toast?

Peacock butterfly

I caught a peacock butterfly! Now it's my turn to strut my stuff!


I found a pearl! Could today get any more pearl-fect?

Pearl oyster

I got a pearl oyster! Aw, shucks. Don't clam up now!

Pill bug

I caught a pill bug! That's a tough act to swallow!


I caught a piranha! Sure hope it was the only one!


I caught a pop-eyed pondskater! Wonder if it can do a pond ollie...

Pop-eyed goldfish

I caught a pop-eyed goldfish! It looks so...surprised!

Puffer fish

I caught a puffer fish! I thought you would be tougher, fish!

Queen Alexandra's birdwing

I caught a Queen Alexandra's birdwing! That's a feather in my cap!


I caught a rainbowfish! Where's my pot of goldfish?

Rainbow stag

I caught a rainbow stag! Its rainbow armor is so shiny!

Rajah Brooke's birdwing

I caught a Rajah Brooke's birdwing! Nothing else I'd rajah be doing!

Ranchu goldfish

I caught a ranchu goldfish! But I prefer balsamicu goldfish!


I caught a ray! A few more and I'll have a tan!

Red dragonfly

I caught a red dragonfly! Didn't even have to roll for initiative!

Red snapper

I caught a red snapper! It looks pretty dapper!

Ribbon eel

I caught a ribbon eel! Can it tie itself into a bow?

Rice grasshopper

I caught a rice grasshopper! I've been looking for a gluten-free alternative...

Robust cicada (v1)

I caught a robust cicada! It DOES seem pretty lively!

Robust cicada (v2)

I caught a robust cicada! Not so energetic in the rain, huh?

Rosalia batesi beetle

I caught a rosalia batesi beetle! That's easier to do than say!


I caught a salmon! It's all upstream from here!

Saw shark

I caught a saw shark! You could call it a sea saw!

Saw stag

I caught a saw stag! Now I can't unsee it!


I got a scallop! It otter be savored.

Scarab beetle

I caught a scarab beetle! It's just a dung beetle with better hobbies.

Sea anemone

I got a sea anemone! The enemy of my anemone is my afrenome!

Sea bass

I caught a sea bass! No, wait—it's at least a C+!

Sea grapes

I got some sea grapes! Can't let these go sour.

Sea horse

I caught a sea horse! But...where's its sea jockey?

Sea pineapple

I got a sea pineapple! Your move, sea pizzas.

Sea slug

I got a sea slug! It's kinda salty about that.

Sea star

I got a sea star! Maybe it'll give me an autograph!

Sea urchin

I got a sea urchin! Wasn't even 'earchin for it.


I got some seaweed! I couldn't kelp myself.

Slate pencil urchin

I got a slate pencil urchin! Its handwriting is gorgeous.


I caught a snail! It's...not much to brag about.

Snapping turtle

I caught a snapping turtle! How can it snap without fingers?

Soft-shelled turtle (v1)

I caught a soft-shelled turtle! I should take a shellfie!

Soft-shelled turtle (v2)

I caught a soft-shelled turtle! It's more sensitive than other turtles.


I caught a spider! I spied 'er first!

Spotted garden eel

I got a spotted garden eel! Was it un-spotted before I saw it?

Squid (v1)

I caught a squid! I had an inkling I might!

Squid (v2)

I caught a squid! Its off the hook!

Squid (v3)

I caught a squid! Do they...not actually "bloop"?


I caught a stinkbug! It lives up to its name!


I caught a stone! Now it's all mine...ral!


I caught a suckerfish! I thought it was a shark! Oh, wait—now I get it. "Sucker"...


I caught a surgeonfish! Scalpel! Forceps! Fish hook!


I caught a sweetfish! Hope it's not artificially sweet!

Sweet shrimp

I got a sweet shrimp! It's being very considerate.


I caught a tadpole! It's just a tad small.


I caught a tarantula! This situation just got hairy!

Tiger beetle

I caught a tiger beetle! I pounced first!

Tiger butterfly

I caught a tiger butterfly! I've earned my stripes!

Tiger prawn

I got a tiger prawn! I ain't lion!


I caught a tilapia! It makes me happy-a!

Turban shell

I got a turban shell! It's totally TURB...ular!

Umbrella octopus

I got an umbrella octopus! Too bad I'm already soaked.

Vampire squid

I got a vampire squid! A lot was at stake.

Violin beetle

I caught a violin beetle! Apparently I'm as fit as a fiddle!

Walker cicada (v1)

I caught a walker cicada! Pffft. I walk all the time and no one calls me "Walker [player name]."

Walker cicada (v2)

I caught a walker cicada! It must hate getting its feet wet.

Walking leaf

I caught a walking leaf! It seems to be taking it in stride!

Walking stick

I caught a walking stick! Check out its walking schtick!


I caught a wasp! That's gotta sting...

Whale shark

Thar she blows! I caught a whale shark! I'm tellin' ya, it was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big!

Wharf roach

I caught a wharf roach! This water-loving roach has no pier!


I got a whelk! Happy snails to ya.

Wisp spirit piece #1

I caught a Wisp spirit piece! Brrrr—it's kinda cold!

Wisp spirit piece #2

I caught a Wisp spirit piece! That's the second piece.

Wisp spirit piece #3

I caught a Wisp spirit piece! Finally, the third piece!

Wisp spirit piece #4

I caught a Wisp spirit piece! Whew... One more to go!

Wisp spirit piece #5

I caught a Wisp spirit piece! Yay! That's the last one! Let's go return them to Wisp!

Yellow butterfly

I caught a yellow butterfly! Shouldn't all BUTTERflies be yellow?

Zebra turkeyfish

I caught a zebra turkeyfish! Land, air, water—make up your mind!