About ACNH

Who we are

We are a team of website developers by day and Nintendo Switch games fans and players by night.

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Why we made this website

When playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we try to optimize our item sales and that means being picky about which items to sell full price during Nook's Cranny opening hours (8am–10pm), which ones are OK to leave in the drop-off box, and which ones to carry, to swap or to drop whenever our pockets are full.

We found ourselves constantly looking up sell prices online. Is a crucian carp more or less expensive than a horse mackerel? And what about comparing its price which those of a pill bug and an oyster shell? Which bug is the most profitable of all? Which item is? What was that fish price again?!

We couldn't find any website that would easily give us those answers. We did find several price lists, but not necessarily in order, and never showing all items within different categories combined in a sortable table — which was exactly what we needed.

So we decided to make our own Animal Crossing: New Horizons sell price guide.

Consequently, we started writing and compiling many other ones, and we hope you find them all useful too :)