Fruit Sell Prices

You start the game with one of five types of fruit as your island's native fruit — apples, cherries, oranges, peaches, or pears.

To get any other fruit tree, including coconut palms on your island, buy a Nook Miles Ticket and go on a Mystery Island Tour or travel to someone else's island via Dodo Code. When you get there, shake the desired tree, pick up its fruit, and take it home to plant. Or take home the whole tree by eating a piece of fruit and digging up the entire tree with your shovel!

As you can see from the price guide table below (*), selling foreign fruits can earn you a lot of Bells fast: native fruits sell for 100 Bells at Nook's Cranny and all others sell for 500.

(Animal Crossing NH Fruit Image)

Tips and tricks

  • Eating fruit in Animal Crossing NH gives you special powers:
    1. The power to unearth an entire tree with a shovel.
    2. The power to completely destroy a rock with an axe or a shovel (be cautious when using this ability on your own island, if you're actively farming iron nuggets, because the rocks only reappear after a few days).
  • Plant any fruit (except pumpkins) to grow a fruit tree!
  • You can only plant coconuts in sand.
  • Although you can eat them and get power from them, pumpkins are categorized as diy materials and not as fruit: you can't plant them and selling them won't count as selling fruit for Nook Miles rewards.
  • Coconuts sales price in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is always 250 Bells, which amounts to 200 if sold through Nook's Cranny drop-off box (→ there's a 20% process fee).
  • Palm trees are not any player's island native fruit tree. They can only be found by flying to resource islands: bring them back and plant the trees and/or the fruits.
  • As soon as a tree on your island bears fruit, mark the ground in front of it with a fruit tree label. That way you'll always know what kind of tree it is.

ACNH fruits price list

Click on the up & down arrows in the table to sort the fruits by price (Nook's Cranny prices and drop-off box prices) or alphabetically.

Clicking once sorts the chosen column in ascending order — from the lowest to the highest price or from A to Z. The second click sorts its items in descending order — from the most expensive to the cheapest or from Z to A.

Please note: All prices are in Bells.

Item Category Subcategory Particularity Sales Price Drop-Off Box
Apple DIY Materials Fruit Shaking trees 100 / 500 * 80 / 400 *
Cherry DIY Materials Fruit Shaking trees 100 / 500 * 80 / 400 *
Coconut DIY Materials Fruit Shaking palm trees 250 200
Orange DIY Materials Fruit Shaking trees 100 / 500 * 80 / 400 *
Peach DIY Materials Fruit Shaking trees 100 / 500 * 80 / 400 *
Pear DIY Materials Fruit Shaking trees 100 / 500 * 80 / 400 *

Total number of fruits: 6

Total number of fruits: 6

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