Animal Crossing Pascal Guide

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2020 summer update launched the ability to swim, dive and catch sea creatures, along with introducing Pascal the otter, a chill, surfer/philosopher type of character.

Learn all about him right now!

How to get Pascal to appear

Pascal will come to you after you catch a scallop, his favorite food. He will do so the first time you catch one, and if you give it to him he won't appear anymore until the next day when you get a scallop again.

I you don't give him the scallop, he will keep appearing and asking for it every time you catch one, until you give it to him.

(Animal Crossing NH Scallop Image)
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What to get from Pascal the otter

Once summoned, Pascal will trade the scallop you caught for:

  • A pearl — most often
  • Mermaid-themed clothing — less frequently so after you have them all
  • or some mermaid furniture DIY recipe — only until you've collected all of them
(Animal Crossing NH Pearl Image)
(Animal Crossing NH Mermaid-Themed Clothing Image)
(Animal Crossing NH Mermaid Furniture DIY Recipes Image)

Interactions with Pascal

After giving the scallop you just got to Pascal, he thanks you, offers you a gift, a piece of profound wisdom, then leaves.

Exactly like this:

I got a scallop! It otter be savored.

Hey, maaan, about that scallop of yours... Can I have it?

Sure! Here you go.

Whoa! Thanks for your generosity, maaan.

Since you were cool, I left you something you'll dig.

While I'm at it, let me lay some truth on you...the deep kind.

Feel this...

[One of Pascal's 287 deep thoughts]

Then Pascal ends the conversation with one of three phrases:

Consider yourself truthed.

Stick that in your skillet and let it simmer.

Wrap your noodle around that.

And leaves after stating that:

Yep. Today is a gooood day.

Pascal eating a scallop

After trading the scallop, follow Pascal and watch him eat it!