ACNH Fishing Guide

(Animal Crossing NH Footbal Fish Image)

How to fish

Get a fishing rod, through DIY crafting or by purchasing one from Nook's Cranny shop, and equip it.

Go to the shore, stand in front of a fish's dark shadow and press "A" to cast your rod in its direction.

Stare at the bobber and listen to the sound of the water. When the fish bites, you'll hear a louder splashing sound and the bobber will be pulled underwater — reel the fish (or other items like trash) in by pressing "A" once within a second or so.

Fish will nibble on your line up to 4 times before biting!

Tips and tricks

  • There are 8 fish sizes, proportional to their shadow in the water. Use this fish list to compare them all by size and other characteristics.
  • Stock your fish in your home's storage and wait for one of C.J.'s random visits to sell them to him for 50% more than at Nook's Cranny's!
  • Rain and snow might increase the chance of catching rare or specific fish (such as the coelacanth).
  • Fish tanks and sea creatures aquariums are equipped with integrated lighting! Press "A" while standing in front of one to turn its light on.
  • Small fish tanks can be placed on top of other furniture.
(Animal Crossing NH Fishing Image)
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